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  2008.06.09  19.31
Hello Students, My name is Meester Daniel, I'll be your english teacher....

heh... right.. so apparently a school is trusting me with their children...

which means i'm staying in ecuador for a bit longer....

errr... yeah.....

heh... hehehehe.... bahahahahaha!


  2008.06.01  19.49
The easy life goes a little sour....

Excerpts from an AIM IM with *someone*.
5/28/08, 8:46 PM



wassup girlie

my bday is tomorrow!

yes i know

was going to ask if you are doing anything

saturday going to central park
picnic for me

i c i c
how's the weather over there?

nice finally
how's life

meh.. not to bad


went back to guayaquil hanging out with family...

no more bar?

that went all up in smoke.. the dood snapped and fired me on the spot one night just like he hired me

no reason?

though i got payed for two weeks worth of work and only worked one. and got noticed from the rest of the town so i have gotten other offers.. just dunno if i want to stay there.. too much of a party town

never thought i'd hear daniel say that

distortion in the speaker when i was by myself so i was busy bartending and had a mix on at the very beginning of the night s a "NY DJ" i should have caught it immediatly

oh brother!!
the guy is nutters
he then screwed over the guy i was replacing the very next morning


the guy stayed beyond his 3 month visa. didn't get an extension.. they are suppose to be friends for years.. and he stayed b/c david (the owner) asked him to stay.. said he would sort him out if he had any problems
he went to the airport got his ticket was about to get on the plane and he was stopped b/c he had to pay a fine
money he didn't have so he went back to montanita (this is a 3 -4 hour bus ride) he hadn't slept yet b/c he had left the day ... had a late flight... then waited for the bus and came back the next morning)

oh man

anyway.. david who asked him to stay.... said fuck you get out of my hotel basically freaked out on him and said go ask your family for the money

what an asshole

he's a nutter and a dick

so besides that, are you enjoying ecuador
yeah i was more pissed at having been fired for such an inane reason.. but other then that i've been having a good time

i got paid for two weeks ... (not that thats much money) i partied.. I had a free place to stay... as soon as i got fired i got other job offers.... only problem is the pay is even worse.. though i still got to stay for free
in that club...
anyway... i left town to go back home and see the family and get some equipment.. but I still havn't decided if i'm going back there to work


  2008.05.12  16.46
How to take a 95% pay cut and be happy with it....

Step 1. Have some sort of quaterlife crisis and leave the country to travel and live in a Third World Country.

Step 2. Go out drinking with random strangers you meet in a small surf town... get completely trashed and talk the owner of a hotel to hire you on as his nighttime bar manager. Nevermind that you don't really remember what the hell you said the next morning. you IN!

Step 3. Move in.. shut up and enjoy you new surfing partying lifestyle... nevermind the huge pay cut.. at least the hotel room... food and your laundry is all free of charge....

just relax and enjoy the ride...


  2008.05.05  05.32
How to get out of going to jail for a crime u didn't commit....

So.. after a night of spinning some industrial and goth music at a local bar in Guayaquil I decide to go out for a nightcap with the bartender. We get into the car to drive off to another local to see if anything is still going on. Only thing is.. i'm in a fairly new vehicle and I look lost. So guess who gets pulled over for the first time ever for a sobriety check in Ecuador of all places.

The cops ask for my id and woohoo.. they def got a good one now.. it's an american! in a new car.. this kid is sure to have some cash. They ask to smell my breath (this is their sobriety check?!) and since it smelled of beer... I had 3 in the course of 5 hours now my alchohol to time u sit on your ass ratio is rusty but i wasn't feeling the least bit intoxicated. but he told me to get out of the car. He then got into the drivers seat and told me he was taking me in for a blood test. The girl in the car with me started begging him to leave us off... I talked to the guy for a bit.. and finnally the subject of money was broached... Now... I was already warned by my dad that this can happen.. and cops usually take a Fiver and are on their way.. of course us Americans have to pay a bit more... how much more i guess depends on how much they think they can get away with. I mentioned 5 first which of course wasn't cutting it.. and the bartender said 20 they guy still was planning on taking me in.. after much prodding from me and the girl about how dead the night was (which it was) and how little money i made ( i mad 6 bucks that night) he finnally took the 20 let me go and made sure to let me know what a big favor he did for me.

Now many of you might not have been willing to bribe some cop confident you'd be alright once you went to see the judge. well..

My dad was pulled over for the same thing a few months into moving back here... the cops looked like they had had something up their noses.. and they saw my dad's ID and demanded 150 bucks from him.. he barted with them tried to give em 50 and they wouldn't take less then 100.. when he refused.. they brought him in.... he stayed locked up for 4 weeks b4 he finnally got out...

yeah and speaking about cops on possible narcotics... I dunno if the guy just never driven one of them new fangeled automatics or what.. but he couldn't even drive the car.... he didn't put it into gear correctly and it was popping out and basically had me scared that he was going to crash my dad's car then blame me for being drunk while driving.... guy prolly had some himself that night....


  2008.04.16  20.59
a little reflection.....

excerpt from an email i just wrote someone...

Ecuador is interesting... I really havn't done too much exploring yet as i'm still trying to get wheels of my own... been holding out on as uncle said he would lend me a motorcycle though he's been flaking on me.. so i might have ton actually spend some of my cash on something myself.. we'll see...

It's funny how different it is here.... my father's "middle class" lifestyle here is def. considered poverty line in the USA... and he's insisting on living in a pretty dingy spot that his mom owns more out of spite b/c all the family here live in one piece of property of hers or another rather then get a nice place of his own b/c he can....

Even as he does this.. he has a luxury condo on the beach in Salinas .. a beach town an hour away. If when i get some damn wheels i might just stay there instead... still looking around for work a little in the city but not trying to hard as again.. still can't go around to much by myself... It's cheap as fuck here though.. food wise even though i've been eating free anyway most of the time at my dad restuarant. Cars and Electronics are ridiculously more expensive here though.... and i miss mexican food... *grin*



  2008.04.13  20.06

“Just so you know, we are all Barcelona fans in this house” my brother tells me as we put my bags down in my new room. “What? “ I say. He repeats, “ We are all Barcelona fans in this house. I look at him confused. “ The team” he says “football” as he points to his shirt w/ the letters B.S.C. and their emblem emblazoned on his chest. “Ah… well that’s good to know” “Just in case” he replies.

Saturday, there was a game. He asked me days b4 if I wanted to go. I said sure why not lets check it out. We had driven past the stadium and I was told that this is one of the biggest in the area. The team though not having done very well in the last few years has the most cups of any Ecuadorian team. My brother (12 years old) likes to go in general seating with the hardcore fans.

The seating areas are as follows. On the North and South side of the fields were the goals are. There are Cement seats going all the way to the top this is General admission and fills up quick. It’s like being in a rock concert full of the rowdiest punk son of bitches around. The left and right of the field are set up in 3 sections. First group from the ground to a 3rd up are wooden benches. Next section has individual folding chairs. And above them all are the private boxes and skyboxes.

So I decide to go general admission since that’s what my brother likes… and hell it’s the cheapest and I want to have the experience. Boy, did I! We arrive in front of the stadium on the back of a pick up truck. Having gotten a ride for 20 cents each. The team’s colors are yellow and black and you see a sea of yellow walking, running to the stadium. The line for general admission a yellow snake winding across the front of the street, back and forth to the curb. People sneak into the line so often that cops are waiting with long bamboo sticks in their hands to beat the sucker who’s foolish enough to do it in front of them. People who don’t even know each other are hugging the person in front of them in a tight embrace to ensure that no one cuts in-between them. People occasionally try, some make it. But many get dragged off the line by a cop or get into a slight altercation with those already there b4 they push off to try somewhere else. When they let people into the stadium in big groups people run to keep up with the person in front of them and to try to prevent these interlopers to the queue.

Once inside the perimeter fence we run some more to get into another line that actually takes us into the stadium. Our line is the slowest… and as I protect my little brother from the press of the people behind me the kid right behind me isn’t so lucky as two more behind him some idiot who’s annoyed with the line not moving keeps yelling at us to push as he mashes the kids between us into my back. Seems that to him shoving will get the line moving faster don’t know how that works but I’m not planning on finding out with my brothers face. When we finally get to the turnstile I hug my brother close and we walk through, as they count us together we go in with just the one ticket.

Again we break out in a run looking for seats. The downstairs section is all-full and it is unlikely we will get in anywhere. So we continue our sprint as we go up the stairs to the upper level. It’s so packed with people standing around I can’t even find any way through to stairwells. A group of people starts pressing forward to go up. “ The crowd already seated on the cement benches are yelling there’s no room” as the crowd say we just want to go up there pointing to some random point beyond the people. My brother and I get into the crowd, and are basically pushed up with them. Each time I take a step to the next bench though there isn’t room for me to move forward I just hitch myself up and the person behind me keeps me from falling over b/c they too are pushing up and so keep me aloft pushing me into the next spot that appears. Finally we find a nook right above the stairwell. And squeeze in with a group of other people standing room only. We watch the game from there… constantly shifting my weight from one foot to another as I try to get comfortable. Every time the action gets near the goalie on our side of the field. Those sitting behind us get pissed and yell at us to sit down. Some start throwing their water or beer at us.

The first half starts. Barcelona seems to dominate in possession of the ball but can’t make a goal to save their lives. The crowd grows restless with their team and proceeds to curse them out. Each time they lose possession, make a bad pass, or don’t attempt a goal quick enough. They are sons of bitches, faggots, and idiots. Each time the Referee ignores a fallen Teammate they are themselves corrupt and of course if they call anything against Barcelona then that’s bullshit and the other team are a bunch of pussy winkers as of course our team could do no wrong. The other team makes the first goal. The crowd is quite. Except for one small section of the benches w/a couple hundred people in white (the opposing teams color) they are separated on both sides by 10 feet and two rows of cops on each side from the rest of the stadium They start waving around banners raised high. Some one sets off a flare and they rejoice for several minutes b4 the game continues. The crowd gets more and more upset as the first half progresses. When halftime comes. Fans throw drinks at their own team as they walk off field.

Halftime. Ummm… they drag out some huge inflatable bottles of Pilsner (the national Beer), Gatorade, and some other juice drink into the field. They let them sit for about 10 mins then uninflate and drag them off… Well.. That was exciting.

Second half. The game starts and Barcelona has become more aggressive. They have many goal attempts, which excite the crowd. Every time a good goal attempt is made and blocked the crowd claps. Is it b/c it was a good attempt on the part of their team or are they giving respect to the opposing team for a well-played defense?

GOAAAALLLLLLLLLL It happens. And boy does the crowd go wild everyone is the whole stadium is jumping up and down the crowd is cheering they start to sing the teams song Cheering continues This goes on for what seems like 10 minutes damn it’s a good thing this sport doesn’t have that many goals… or the games would last 4 hours. The game continues and the crowd cheers and jeers as loudly as ever.

The game ends in a tie and as the sea of yellow pour out into the streets I think I’ll pay en extra dollar or two next time to get better seats.


  2008.04.12  15.52

So i've been in Ecuador a little less then a week now.. Havn't done much yet.. driven around the city and chilled with the family. I'll start taking pics and post something more interesting (maybe) soon... heh.... but i'm alive... Thankfully there's free wifi in the food courts of the malls here... so i'll be able to come here with my laptop when i want and get online.


  2008.03.19  05.39

funny.. I went to write a new post in here in god knows how long and it asked me if i wanted to restore from a draft.. apparently i wrote this....

"I'm so sick of my job.. i can't wait to leave the fucking country...

oh yeah.. and i hate liking people.. not worth my time...

that is all.. venting done..."

Quite awhile back..... and it never posted.....

Heh... well I'm still alive.... apparently some of my friends weren't sure about that... and I no longer work there.. YAY.. havn't left the country yet.. but i've been traveling a bit.... and it's been fun.. Usually.. cept for the boring parts.. I don't have steady employment yet.. and I've already been to Miami plenty.. so I don't want to spend all my money here... (believe me it's hard). I finally bought my ticket to Ecuador. I leave on April 7th.

The date actually has a significance. See when i was a kid growing up in brooklyn. My parents split up. Which frankly. I was all for. My parents weren't good for each other.. and i had been pushing for my mom to leave my dad for awhile. However, the only way my mom felt she could do this was to take us to her parents house. Which as most NYers know... when people get old. They go to Miami. So we moved to Miami. We left on April 7th, 1988 4 days after my birthday and about 2 month b4 the end of the school year. Was I upset. you fucking bet i was! And b/c of this April 7th has always come and gone with a weird chill in my soul.

It's funny b/c though i hated practically every second of my 5 years living in Miami b4 i was sent to live w/ my dad again at 16. I have often said, and meant it, that I don't regret my time here. It helped shape the person I am today. Taught me that there are differences beyond living in NY. Softened my brooklyn accent so that people do no judge me as an idiot by the way i spoke. As unpopular as i was, it taught me to be humble. There were many lessons learned (the hard way) by my time in Miami. So over all it's likely better that I lived here then had we stayed in NY when my parents split. Not to mention I'm sure it was better for my mom. Either way though.. There's something about the fact that we left just days after my birthday that always left the date of April 7th with a bad taste in my mouth. So here's me trying to change that. And picking that as my date for the major part of this adventure.

We will see how it goes...

Oh yeah I still can't wait to leave the country.... *grin*


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  2007.09.19  08.51

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


  2007.03.07  12.27
Playing Hooky...

I just came back from riding my bicycle in the snow. It wasn't as scary as i always thought it would be. I mean. You see Delivery guys doing it every time and an occasional messenger. But when i was a Messenger my job generally expected us to deliver on foot and trains so i never actually tried it till now.

I guess it makes sense that it's not so bad. I'm used to riding motorized two wheels now a days and riding in the snow... def not recommended (almost killed myself twice doing it). I rode my big knobby tired single speed Schwin Beach Bike. It dug into the snow no problem. Not to mention it's a single speed so it can't go very fast. I don't see myself spinning out from the torque i can put behind it like i do on even my slowest scooter. Not to mention it's so much lighter and slower even if i was to start losing control it's much easier to keep up w/o hurting myself and I wouldn't fall as hard as i would on any of my other bikes.

Anyway... I played hooky from work today b/c of the weather.. not exactly prime selling weather for two wheels. I needed to go to the bank and deposit my roommates rent money b4 my landlord cashed the check. I had given the check to my landlord on Sunday.. been holding the cash since last thurs.. God.... Why do i let shit slip my mind like that....

So after going to the bank I decide to get some food at McDonalds... Gross I know... but see.. Last night while sitting around drinking w/ my roommates and their girlfriends till god knows what time in the morning.... (the sun was indeed up) We got into a conversation about how even though the food is horrible you can't help wanting to eat it... and I was hoping i could get the breakfast stuff still.... not that it's really any better in most peoples eyes.. but even though i find there regular menu horrible when compared to ANY other food source... I actually still love their breakfast biscuit sandwiches. When i looked at the time i realized I had missed it by too much. But I was already in there... so in i went.

The food was indeed as bland crappy and tasteless as i remembered.. How did i live off of this so much as a kid? Why are kids so excited by this crappy substance? The last day worked a customer was picking up his bike and he had his kid w/ him. Adorable Kid, maybe 5 years old, and he was getting antsy as we finished up the paperwork for the new bike. Antsy and Hungry... and of course where did he want to go eat?

While i was sitting there "enjoying" my meal... I noticed a group of 5 girls at the other table. They looked like HS Sophomores.... as I overheard their conversation sure enough they were cutting class. There conversations consisted of the finer points of cutting school..... Which periods they were actually IN school, although, most of them were in the lunchroom instead of their classes, What one girl's Tag name should be, and how one of the girls feet were apparently very large. What size is a men's 6 (she had on some converse) in women?.

It's funny b/c my friends and I also used to cut and hang out at the local McD's near our school... I was surprised even then that we never found ourselves being kicked out by the staff when it was obvious that we had been there all day instead of school where we should be. Or no Truant Officer ever came in there to bust us. I think one of my friends got kicked out once but that was b/c they were making a big scene having a food fight or something... for the most part though they left us alone. We didn't even spend that much money while we were there... I mean sure when we first came in we might buy a meal or something... always the cheapest one.. but then we would sit there for hours.. and i mean HOURS .. back then they also had free refills at this location (a rarity even then in NYC) so we'd be going back to the counter to refill our drinks.. though I seem to recall that they stopped that policy at our McD's ... possibly we were the ones to blame.

I wonder how many McD's near school everywhere has become the local truant hangout spot? heh... it's great not only is McD's helping our nation be the fattest .. but also the stupidest....

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  2005.04.22  14.03
life path this!

Your Life Path Number Is 4


You are the most trustworthy, practical, and down-to-earth of individuals; the cornerstone members of society.

The goal of your life path is learning to take orders and to carry them out with dedication and perseverance.

You always demand as much from yourself as you do from others, and sometimes a lot more.

You have the kind of will power that is often mistaken for sheer stubbornness.

Once a decision is made, it will be followed through to the conclusion, right, wrong, or indifferent.

You are very set in your ways and determined to handle things the way you are so certain that they should be handled. Your tenacity of purpose and ability to get the job done borders on obsession.

You are an excellent organizer and planner because of your innate ability to view things in a very common sense and practical way.

You are a wonderful manager with a great sense of how to get the job done.

Loyal and devoted, you make the best of your relationships, and you are a dependable business partner.

Friends may be few in number, but you are very close to them and once friendships are made, they often last a lifetime. The number 4 is solidly associated with the element of earth from which it gains it strength and utter sense of reality.

You are one of the most dependable people you know.

If patience and determination can ever win, you are sure to achieve great success in life.

The negative side of the 4 can prove dogmatic to an excess, narrow-minded, and repressive.

A lot of superficial people turn you off, and you lack the tact to keep your feelings from being totally clear to all around. Additionally, the negative 4 has a bad tendency to get too caught up in the daily routine of affairs.

If you're not careful, you'll often miss the big picture and major opportunities that come along once in a while.


  2005.03.22  12.28
Back home from the Rally.....

Where are the scooters u ask? Well.. this rally had friggin everything.. As seen below i took a billion pics of the micro cars... for more info on the Micro Museum which will be open to the public on weekends at a later date click HERE.

So what was the Rally like? it was bloody amazing!.. i didn't take pic of the other vehicles but.. u can see more pics of the rally at Scoot.net by clicking HERE.

also to see more pics that i took of the micro cars.... go to my moblog HERE.

Bruce Weiner opened up his place to us... and provided us w/ access not only to his grounds, his private museum but also a garage full of ATV's, Dirt Motorcross Bikes, an 8 wheeled argo, a Rallied out Mini Cooper.. and a Load of other 4x4's... needless to say MUCH fun was had..

Oh yeah.. there were also 3G's in Fireworks shot off througout the weekend.... courtesy of Mr Weiner.... the best host in the world for opening up his place and toys to us...

this rally was bloody amazing.. heh.. very little scooter riding was done.. though there was a nice long ride through Madison that ended in downtown Madison where we chilled out.... This was a madcapped Boy's Toys wet dream... I don't know how any future camping rally will ever compare.....

Mood: cheerful

  2005.02.25  17.56
Pinup NYC .com Shoot...

So i did a new shoot a couple of weekends ago.. let me just tell u that day was rough.. I went out and partied WAY to hard the night b4.. so here i am nursing the MOTHER of all hangovers and everyone comes over to get this ball rolling..

Thankfully i guess.. the make up took a lot longer then expected so i had plenty of time.. to force some food down my throat and get ready for the shoot.. over all i liked the shoot. though as usual.. there were technical problems that pissed me off... .damn.. i'm outta practice! anyway.. here's a pic.. it's a fairy theme... if u want to see more go HERE.


  2005.02.21  14.20
Death and Mofo....

How Will Your Friends Die? by arshus_ney
Will Choke On A Peachthegoldenboat
Will Be Murdered By A Psychoshowroomdummy
Will Be Eaten By Clownsknightmare6
Will Die In The Throes Of Passionricki_reckless
Will Be Abducted By Aliensdualiteque
Will Suffocate In A Corsetbadk1tty666
Will Be Smushed In A Trash Compactormissbanshee
Will Be Burned As A Witchnaivespider
Will Be Slain By Their Loverladyspacecadet
Will Be "Hit" By The Mafiablueeyesnyc
Will Discover Immortalitywhowouldknow
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So I had what started out as a SHIT night.. but ended good enough last night... On my way into the city for Mofo I was crossing the williamsburg bridge.. and traffic was backing up .. and i'm like "great" i get half way across the bridge.. and traffic STOPS..... completely and totally...... 20 min pass by and people start getting out of their cars! ... eventually everyone in cabs litterally just get out and start walking the bridge. at 30 min i'm checking 1010 wins to find out whats going on. and yes.. there has been an accident and the road is completely blocked!..... 30 min rolls into an hour.. an hour rolls into 2.. then FINNALLY freedom!! Mind you.. i left early w/ the hopes of seeing bloc party at mofo.. and of course. i completely miss them and only one person thought they were meh.. everyone else said they fuckin rocked. bah!. u bastards!!

if you want to see a pic of me stuck on the bridge go to my moblog entry here.. http://drg.textamerica.com/?r=2095065

So anyway.. i get to Mofo.. the party is jumping.. tons of people are there.. and i have a blast.. all my friends were looking fabulous (including my current crush obsession.. sigh.. WHY?!) I danced... I met new people... and everything was good.... I still wish i had gotten to see bloc party... but.. I'm glad I had a good time... got home.. took my father to the airport.. and finnally got back and passed out sometime after 7am... werd...

Oh yeah.. did i forget to mention.. those 2 hours on the bridge... my van.. has no heat..... yeah.. so that sucked....


  2005.02.05  19.41

You Belong in 1966


If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!


  2005.01.20  20.42
Help me Get a free Mac mini!

And get one for ureself too!! go to this link </a> http://www.FreeMiniMacs.com/?r=14663060

here's how it works... U have to sign up for one of their offers.... be it a columbia house membership, a credit card.. or one of the other numerous things they offer. (they make their money by referrals) then you gotta harrass, cajole, beg.. 10 of ure friends to do the same thing... (shit man.. i only had to do 5 for the ipod. but it was cheaper product i guess). once all of there little credits for referral go through to the company... they send u the free computer....

course the first question is... is it legit.. absolutely!.. I did this only a couple of months ago and got my own FREE Ipod. from the same company.. now i suggest u create a free email account.. w/ yahoo or hotmail and the like.. and sign up w/ that.. so that u can avoid any junkmail associated w/ joining this sorta site.. but .. it's for REAL.. i dunno what to do to make u believe.. other then to say.. i already got a free ipod outta it.. and now i'm hoping i can convince 10 kids to help me get myself a free mac mini!..

heres the link again..

</a> http://www.FreeMiniMacs.com/?r=14663060


  2005.01.19  23.25
The return of Stupid Online tests..

You Are 19 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.


  2005.01.11  15.24
Robots.. the true story...

So i was talking w/ my friend about robots and the matrix and how they are going to take over the world.. and it just hit me...

That new movie coming out... Robots..

Where did they come from? Its all happy go lucky kids movie stuff.. they failed to mention the origination of those robots though.. some poor race created them.. then got killed off by them.. and now theres a planet of robots..

It's terminator .. after the war is over and the robots win

Transformers.. same fucking thing
I mean.. sure the autobots have seen the error of their ways. and don't want to destroy other organic creatures...but they still have a dark past...


  2004.09.24  03.17
Scooter Flood Weekend Day 3

I know ure all eagerly awaiting the end of this saga ( comment thick w/ sarcasm) so here it is......

Right.. so I wake up again ass early in the morning.. this time I think it was about 7:30.. WTF.. anyway.. I can’t get back to bed.. so I head on over to the campsite.. apparently the road had cleared up sometime in the middle of the night.. as my fellow riders who were staying at the inn had ridden back from the campsite. I went on over.. I got my bike.. put rode it back to the gas station and got some air in my front tire. At the time.. the rode pictured here was still intact.. there were dents and potholed.. but still intact… so even though there were cones.. cars as well as us bikes.. kept riding over.

Caught up w/ some other early birds and helped them break camp then went to breakfast. The rest of my Crew eventually woke up and came over as well I chilled w/ them for awhile until I realized that I had left some stuff at the site.. and since everyone was pretty much packed up I thought it best to get my own things… So here I am barreling down this small valley when I see to huge dark spots on the road in front of me.. I’m thinking they are shadows and I’m not really paying attention until it’s too late. I quckly turn to the left going to fast to stop. .i take the center strip ( I have no idea at this point that there is only about 6 inches of cement holding this up) and shoot between the two gaping holes on the roadway. Once I get to the other side I find the rest of the NYC/NJ contingent scared cheering me for making it through.. we grab some more cones from the end of the road and try to make it as clear as possible that this is some dangerous ass shit and to be CAREFUL. I’m just glad my quick thinking kept me from ending up really hurt.. (that and I’m glad that little strip held out!)

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We get our shit together, find out that 97 is still closed down.. and plan an alternate route that though longer.. ended up being all highway so it still took us about 4 hours back to the shop.. were we waited for the chase vehicles to catch up so we could get our luggage and go on home.


  2004.09.23  03.58
Scooter Flood Weekend Day 2

I wake up Saturday Morning at around 8:30.. why in gods name did I wake up that early?! Who he hell knows… Me and Tom decide to go get breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe. We had all ridden in the Van from the campsite and so since everyone else wasn’t awake we were set to walk over to the diner. The most direct road to the diner was now in about 6 feet of water so we got up on the train tracks and walked over. We could see to the right of us the road we were going to walk underwater. There was a house right above the valley which was fine.. but there driveway and the car of the homeowner was underwater. To the Left of us was the roadway into the campsite and a big soccer field. Thought it took us a moment to realize that it was a field as it looked like a lake when we first looked over… it wasn’t until we realized that the river was flowing right next to it and that there were goal posts on either end that we got that it was a field underwater. (if u look at all the pics of us w/ the bikes u might see the goal posts to your right sticking out)

We went to breakfast. Eventually the others woke up and took the van into the campsite unloaded the bikes then drove back to the diner. We had all eaten and chilled out for a bit. By the time everyone else had finished breakfast.. the water level had risen and now the roadway to and from the camp site was under water.. it was still shallow enough that a few people took their pick ups through the water. But by 11am it had gotten too deep even for that. We quickly realized that those who had made it into the site where now stuck and those who had left their vehicles on the other side or hadn’t gotten here yet were now stuck on the other side! As the day progressed and we got more news we found out our normal way out (97) was closed down.. the town of Port Jervis where 97 first starts was under water and rescue teams were picking people up from there roofs of their houses!! Electricity in the campgrounds, being on PA’s grid, had gone out. This was the worst Flood in this area since 1951! By 2pm the power in the town had also gone out.. at this point this was our most surreal moment.. it looked like we might be stuck here for days.. there was talk from the locals of schools and churches opening up for those who had lost there houses to the flood. Everyone was shutting down since they had no power. Except for the small country store, which stayed open but was only accepting cash. (not everyone had thought about it since there had been a working ATM until minutes ago just across the street) so people started to stock up. I bought several cans of tuna, Chunky Soup, Chef Boyardee bread and gallons of water as well as a mini lantern. Afraid that we would be stuck here till Monday or later..

After stocking up we walked back to the rally point and said “fuck it” and continued to have fun… people rode around doing donuts, burn outs sliding stops in the mud. Someone had picked up a wiffle ball set and we played a couple of games.. ( I was sore the next day .. not being used to any real sports activities but still very competitive I ran and slid in the mud several times.. I’m happy to report the only time’s I got out was when someone caught my long drive balls. I never struck out or got hit w/ the ball.. And, made one, of only two runs, for my team in the first game.) The revelry continued w/ everyone drinking profusely (though I didn’t after the night b4). A few people jumped the fire w/ their bikes and people partied… I might add more people actually showed up throughout the day… they took 70 mile detours from Port Jervis to get here leaving there vehicles at the parking lot or inn and walking the over the tracks to get here… first it was a group of guys from Rochester who drove up. Then later in the evening a pack of 5 scooters and a chase vehicle from NYC and Jersey came up… (Woohoo hardcore! Foolish maybe, but none the less!) Also around 7pm power came back in the town so I left my can food to take home w/ me and ate a proper meal across the tracks. The revelry continued w/ the assorted bonfire antics .. a raffle and giveaways and all that u come to expect from a rally. Eventually I went to bed around 1am quite a bit earlier then the rest of my crew as I decided to stay sober and was beat from the long day. I led the later NYC/NJ contingent over the tracks w/ my lantern and we got to the inn ( I scored a pull out couch in a separate room of a friend who had rented the suite) and crashed out for the night.

Again.. if u want to see what few pics I took.. go to


or if u want to see the other pics taken by people that weekend and get real pics of the flood and the mayem.. go to



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Scooter Flood Weekend Day 1

Scooter Flood Weekend. Day 1.

It began Friday. I was going to a camping rally in Narrowsburg NY. Where is Narrowsburg you ask? About 120 miles from NYC in the middle of bloody nowhere. A one stoplight town w/ a campground about an hour away from any cell phone service. We knew the remainder of Ivan was coming up and expect some bad weather. But were not exactly prepared for what was to come.

We left the City at around 4pm , 4 of us on our bikes, 2 vehicles behind us. We left our stuff in the Chase vehicle so thankfully we were traveling light. The first 3 hours were fine. (I found out later there was a much quicker way in. but somebody had ignored that email in favor of some other directions and so we took a more scenic… i.e. slower route in.) Traffic was pretty backed up at points and like the two wheeled bastards we were.. we cut through traffic much to the annoyance of those on 4 wheels.. honking and yelling at us as we passed. The weather was holding out and we were thinking me might actually beat the storm. We took a break to get some dinner b4 we moved on. The last leg of the journey was to be the best part of the ride. The sun was about to set and we were about to hit 97. A road following the mountain, 40 miles of winding roads, no lights and crazy as hell. We stopped for some gas minutes b4 we hit that last road. (There was to be no more gas stations for those last 40 miles) At that point Bret the last one of us to hold out on putting on a rain suite “just in case” suited up… I of course was unprepared for the rain but since one person who originally planned to ride had backed out and loaded his bike in the chase van had raingear. He lent me his. So we were off…

Not 10 feet from the station the rain started… w/in 5 min it was pouring down in sheets. The 4 of us were split. At the Gas station is started as AD up front, Texas Tom second, Bret 3rd and Me bringing up the Rear. AD, used to these types of roads coming from the south, shot ahead. And Tom, used to only riding in the city, started falling well behind…. Bret quickly passed him (also used to these roadways) went chasing after AD. It took me awhile to get out from behind Tom and try to play catch up. After another 5 min I had lost them. Soon, still trying to ride as fast as I comfortably could, I had gotten far ahead of Tom as well. And so we left to ride alone on the roadways. For those of u unfamiliar w/ riding in the rain let me explain something about helmets… they fog. They FOG quickly! And so u have to flip up your visor in order to be able to see.. only problem w/ that is the rain STINGS you in the face, eyes, everywhere it gets in if your going anywhere faster then 10 mph… (Alone I averaged 45-50, once I got up w/ them again we were avg. 55-60) So eventually u end up doing this dance were u bring up ure helmet to clear up any fogging.. then after taking the rain for a few stinging seconds or minutes depending on how long u feel like taking it.. u bring it down again.. or u put it halfway down and hope u can get some sort of angle going were not too much rain is pelting u in the face as u try to see what’s in front of u…. not only were there no lights and the road curved this way and that at a moment’s notice. There was also fog on the roads themselves. At many points which meant the headlights reflected off it and u had zero visibility. When there was no fog I tried hitting my brights to see further ahead then a foot in front of me only to find out my brights were not working. I was riding alone for a good 15 min when finally some car w/ bright lights that seem to cut through the fog as well rode up behind me. This increased my visibility which increased my speed… and I pressed on trying to catch up w/ these guys (if I knew how fast they were riding I might have given up. But I kept going half the time thinking everyone had already pulled over and I missed them and I was doing this thing all alone) after about 20 min I finally saw them pulled over by some general store or something on the side of the road. I stopped w/ them and we waited for Tom. Eventually he showed. He had played it safe and pulled over several times until the Chase vehicles had caught up w/ him and was driving between the two cars w/ us. At this point I should mention. The raingear. Everyone else’s was great they were all warm and dry. Mine.. not so much. The pants, thankfully was bone dry (specially since I have already gone through a cell phone from getting caught in the wet) but my jacket was completely soaked through and I was wet to the bone. Once we were all together we went again.. Again AD shot off w/ Bret close behind. This time I was shot off after them and so it went. I must say I was impressed w/ AD’s skills on the roadways I was glad I wasn’t leading… there were times when he had to slow down b/c he simply could not see but for the most part he kept a fast pace… I stayed a little back from the two as I didn’t want to have to stop abruptly in the rain… but now that I had their lights in front of me I was able to just follow them and keep up. Tom was not so quick and so after a few min waited for the cars again and rode the rest of the way between the two cars. And so we rode the rest of the way fairly uneventful except that AD hit something he wasn’t sure what (later we found out it was frogs that had been running across the road) we couldn’t see it clearly but we saw something seemingly bouncing across the road.

Once we arrived we bought booze those who had rooms at the Inn checked in then we headed over to the campsite. Were we were to get drunk.. VERY drunk. Another guy from NY came up by himself an hour or so later in the rain so he caught it for even longer then us. And we were waiting for 7 of us from our club who were riding a short bus w/ a u-haul, bikes in tow, from GA. To the rally.. then finally arrived sometime b4 midnight. Apparently their transmission had blown around PA and so they were stuck in 3rd gear going about 35-40 the rest of the way. Once everyone was together we got to the drinking .. and drank and drank and drank. Eventually we went our separate ways.. luckily for me I scored a spot in a friends hotel room so I didn’t have to worry about sleeping in the mud w/ my borrowed tent. The rain had kept going for most of the night and into the morning. Though we didn’t think much of it except to be glad that we were done riding in it.

If you would like to see the couple of pics i took check out my moblog here....


to see more actual pics taken by people who brought along their cameras and shot away pics of the flood.. check out..



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LiveJournal VS TextAmerica...

I dont' actually know if people ever read these posts when i was making them w/ a little more regularity but I've almost completely forgotten about my LiveJournal.. not to say that i have stop posting at all.. on the contrary I am posting w/ more regularity now.. .but not to this specific blog... Instead i make all my post on Textamerica. simply b/c I can post pics straight from my cameraphone.. then go there later to update what the hell is going on.. so for those who are interested. here's the link...


I do keep meaning to check this out w/ more regularity but not logging on for myself i forget all about the damn thing in the first place.... but anyway.. yeah.. I just thought i'd post a little hello out there for those who are interested in checking out my boring life w/ blurry pics....

oh yeah.. i found this one test on one of my friends profiles interesting...

My Best Friend is djpawlee
Our 8 common interests are: 80's, clubs, goth, history, movies, new wave, sex, video games
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

here are the others that didn't make the cut..

ungrounded and djpawlee share 8 interests.
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The Prize...

So... remember how a lil' over a week ago my van broke down over in Somerset PA? well.. I still had to go pick it up.... so.. here we go.

303 miles on a scooter... HERE ...


  2004.05.11  02.13
My weekend was Nutz.

the short version..
1. got a new tattoo on friday
2. got into a fight that night
3. drove to pittsburgh to pick up bike #4 fullsized motorcycle #1
4. got stranded in somerset PA on my way back...
5. friend of mine pulled through and came and got me and my bike.. the car is still 5 hours away from here

here's just one story.. I tend to update my moblog much more often... and theres pics!!. including my tattoo and new bike!!
My Moblog ...

Posted 5/8/04 2:43 pm

Ok.. i stopped taking pictures after this point.. cause i had to conserve my phone battery for the emergency calls i was making.. but here we go.... the coolant wasn't enough to fill the radiator.. so we decided to have it towed thinking the problem was still a lost cap and missing coolant... here is the guy loading up the car.. so here we are... a tow truck towing a van .. carrying my new motorcycle.... we take it in to their shop.. when we realize .. not only was the cap gone.. but the actual goosneck welded to the cap is gone.. which most likely means one of two very expensive things happenned to the engine.. causing buildup of air in the motor which forced the coolant out through the radiator busting the whole thing.... a. one or more of the gasket heads busted or worst case senario b. the engine block is cracked... so... after calling around and trying to see if i could find someone who had a big enough car to come down to pick up my van and do a tow all the way to nyc.. I finnally resigned myself to leaving the car at some random mechanics at somerset PA.. which is where I was when this all happenned... I did get a friend of mine from philly to come in his pick up truck to pick me, rebecca and my bike up and drive us to NYC..... for that.. I 'm EXTREMELY thankful!.. THANK YOU JIM... he drove 3plus hours to somerset.. 5 hours to NYC.. then though i offerred him a place to crash for the night.. he drove the 2 hours back to philly........my day started at 8:30 in the morning when i woke up.. and thats about when i got to bed in NY.... and i still have my car far far away....


  2004.02.28  15.58

I just had some really good spanish/hispanic.. or.. whatever... food today.....

that is all


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